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The main measures in the coalition accord 

Economy and taxes

  • Aid budget to be cut from 0.8% of GDP to 0.7%
  • Energy bill surcharge to pay for subsidies for wind and solar power projects 
  • Corporate clustering to be encouraged such as the Greenport Venlo and Maintenance Valley projects
  • Public private partnerships to be encouraged for infrastructure
  • Childcare and healthcare subsidies to be cut

Immigration and asylum:

  • Immigrants to pay for their own integration courses
  • Ban on the burqa and other face-covering garments
  • Headscarf ban for police and justice ministry officials
  • Integration tests to be made more difficult
  • List of dangerous countries for automatic refugee status to be scrapped

Work and social security

  • Benefit cuts for people whose clothing or behaviour stops them finding a job 
  • Minimum wage and basic welfare benefits to be reduced
  • Pension age to rise from 65 to 66 by 2020
  • No change to unemployment benefit
  • No change to redundancy laws 

Law and order

  • 2,500 new police officers to be appointed
  • 500 new animal police officers 
  • Minimum sentences for serious crimes
  • Tougher sentences for attacking emergency service workers
  • Stop and search policy to be extended

Defence and foreign policy

  • Further investment in ties with Israel
  • Nato missions to be paid for from aid budget 
  • €1bn to be cut from European Union bill 
  • Second test JSF fighter jet will be bought

Other measures

  • Parents to me made (financially) responsible for making sure their children speak Dutch properly
  • €500m for new roads
  • Spending on arts and culture to be cut
  • €1bn more for spending on the elderly
  • Prostitution age to be raised to 21
  • Spending on public broadcasting to be cut by €200m - one tv channel may go 
  • Cannabis cafes will become members-only clubs with a pass system 
  • No change to Sunday trading laws - currently 12 a year 
  • The smoking ban in cafes and bars smaller than 70m2 will be lifted
  • Speed limit on some motorways increased to 130 kph.
  • Student grants to be reduced from four to three years
  • Applications to build new nuclear power stations to be welcomed 


  • Savings on civil service to generate savings of €6.6bn a year
  • The new cabinet will have 12 full and eight junior ministers, split between the CDA and VVD
  • Economic affairs and agriculture combined into a single ministry 
  • The number of MPs and senators will be reduced to 100 and 50 respectively 
  • Local government layers will be reduced