Ulkoministeri Ben Bot vastikään haastattelussa Brasiliassa:

"We have always been a tolerant country and we are still a very tolerant country simply because it is in the genes of the people. It is the sort of people we are. We are by nature tolerant. What happened here, let's be frank we have at the moment close to 10 percent of the population that is coming from the Arab world: Turks, Moroccans, etc. Basically they are not Dutch. They have become Dutch nationals but they have different genes, so they are less tolerant as far as some elements are concerned."

1. Turkkilaiset eivät ole arabeja.
2. Suuri osa Hollannin marokkolaisista on berbereitä, ei arabeja.
3. Geeneissä? You've got to be kidding me.