Ten climbers, including a high mountain guide, have been hit by an avalanche on Mont-Blanc shortly after 1pm today. Two men, both French nationals resident in the Jura, were killed by the slide. The other climbers were Swiss nationals, all members of their country’s alpine club. Two were seriously injured and another two escaped with minor injuries.

The avalanche occurred at 3,900 meters below the Mont-Blanc du Tacul (4248m) on the normal route to the summit. Within site of the top station of the Aiguille du Midi this summit is considered to be one of the most accessible “4000ers” in the Alps.

Kun me tultiin Vallee Blanche -päivän jälkeen palauttamaan vuokrattuja vuorivarusteita, Stephanie kysyi, josko Pierre oli vienyt meidät Mont-Blanc du Taculille. Ei ollut, koska oli niin pilvistä ettei ollut näkyvyyttä. Muuten ehkä.

"The Death Sport Capital of the World", todellakin.

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