Helsingin Sanomien uutisen mukaan Suomen ympäristönsuojelutoiminta on arvioitu maailman kolmanneksi merkittävimmäksi, Uuden-Seelannin ja Ruotsin jälkeen. Kuulin eilen uutisista, että Alankomaat on tuolla samalla listalla numero 27, eli yhden pykälän parempi Yhdysvaltoja. Jee.

Tässä muuten englanniksi Verdonkin upea idea (niille, jotka eivät uskoneet aikaisemmin):

Telegraphin artikkeli

A code of conduct requiring that Dutch be the only language spoken in Holland's streets is being considered by the Right-wing minister for integration.

The announcement by Rita Verdonk of the VVD Liberal Coalition Party caused uproar among her Left-wing colleagues in the ruling coalition and some party colleagues.

She subsequently back-pedalled but political insiders believe she is deadly serious. The Netherlands has more than two million immigrants, mainly from Morocco and the former Dutch colonies, Surinam and Curacao.

During her speech at the weekend she said: "Speaking Dutch in public is very important. I get a great deal of mail from the public saying they feel unsafe on the streets of our cities."

The minister believes that hearing their own language would reduce the "threatening atmosphere" felt by many inner-city dwellers.